The tariff depends on the duration of the session: 30 Minuten à 75 € / 45 Minuten à 115 € / 60 Minuten à 150 €.

In Austria, osteopathy Is considered part of physiotherapy. For (partial) reimbursement from your Austrian health insurance, we advise the following steps:

  1. Ask your doctor or specialist for a physiotherapy prescription (e.g. for 10 x 45 min. EHG and 10 x 15 min. massage)
  2. Start therapy ( first session )
  3. Send the prescription to your health insurance (personally, by mail or email) for approval to see a private therapist.
  4. Continue therapy
  5. After finishing the therapy, you should send the previously approved prescription together with invoices and proof of payment plus your bank details to the health insurance and apply for reimbursement.

Payment is done by bank transfer to the following account:
Teresa Catteeuw
IBAN: AT77  2011  1277  1093  2006

!!! Important !!! Because every appointment is urgently needed we ask you, in the event that you cannot attend, to cancel a minimum 24 hours in advance (if not €35 will be brought into account - we ask for your understanding).